Greetings to everyone!

Thanks for visiting my blog…I am working on but don’t worry because soon you will find here something intersting. I hope:)

  • 2 years ago……

Let’s start with the end or…the begining …hmmm

An end really means a new beginning, right?

Now, after 3 weeks since I arrived in Dubai, I think I begin to miss my home already:(

Do I think I am on my vacation and I have a little bit time to spend in Dubai and than I will come back home? No:(

I realize very well that I will not go home very soon, because otherwise I would not be homesick.

I will always remember that the life goes on!

  • 1 and half year ago…

Back home in Romania. The things didn’t work as planned in Dubai  so, here I am again. Dreaming to Dubai like 2 years ago I was dreaming home.

  • now…
Dubai ..dear Dubai. I just arrived home from one month vacation in my favorite destination Dubai. Now, I really can say that I had enought of Dubai and I am ready to  live in Romania without thinking back.
PS. veti vedea ca am facut trimitere in articole mele  spre alte povestiri. Unele linkuri nu merg deocamdata…dar vor fi activate in curand.
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