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Back in time

Struggling to find the right subject to write about, I decided to take a look at some old pictures.
The moment I saw these two pictures taken this year in spring, I knew that is it.
Now, when I am looking at these pictures I have still those fillings that I had then. A return in time moment.
This was not set up for a show or a representation at the Village Museum.
It is real and happens  in our times, in Tank Circassian Village (Slava Cercheza in romanian), Dobrogea, Tulcea, Romania. It seems the time stopped in the nineteen century,
when Octavian Goga wrote the poem Plugarii (Plowmen).
Passing through the village I found the same peace and quiet like in the middle of the plain. Just imagine! Is  unbelievable, isn’t it?

I have a plan for the next spring to visit this area. There is a lot to visit:
Libida- the Roman-Byzantine City from Babadag plateau little known to tourists.
Uspenia Monastery- the unique Monks Monastery in the World, belonging to the old Orthodox rite;
Vovidenia Monastery- The only convent of nuns in the world, belonging to the old Orthodox rite;
Windmill –  wooden building architecture built in the early XX century is singular in Romania;
Uspenia Natural Reservation.

I am sure there is more  to see and to discover by talking with the Slava Cerchezas’ villagers.
This is a to be continued article, so do not forget to visit in spring.

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