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My favorite priest

I think my favorite priest was on vacation …and now he is back to his job.

uh … how is it possible?

I returned to my old habit.

God, help me to get used to his voice, as soon as possible so, I don’t have to wake up every fucking morning to do nothing.

Prayer Timings

Click here and don’t be surprised, if you are new in the arab world, when you will wake up in the early morning and you will hear the prayer call 🙂

The first month was terrible.

You don’t know how it is to wake up every morning and don’t know what to do to sleep again…

I tried with ear helmets but were too large, with the plugs of the mp3 player but it hurt my ears.

I was not able to resist any more …especially when I looked at VG and he was sleeping so peacefully.

Over time, I noticed that though, I no longer awaked up every morning.

I have reached the conclusion that there are 2 “priests” who pray.

In my opinion one of them has talent and I like him praying … during the day …. but, just this one was awaking me up….

Now, I used with the morning call and I can say that finally I sleep peacefully, too.

Dubai 2009

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