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Pedestrian crossings in Dubai

The roads of Dubai are amazing as everything else here, I do not think I’m going to see roads, highways, subways, flyovers like this anywhere.

Take a look here!

There are traffic lights in all intersections in the city.

Nothing unusual.
There are traffic lights and pedestrian crossings, even if there are no intersections, as on Jumeira Road,where not too many pedestrians are crossing the street.

These are just like our traffic light in Holiday Village, you push the button (everything here goes on button -very easy to catch for anyone) and then you just wait for the Green color, but you know the buttons are working here:)

Half a year ago when I was in Dubai, in neighborhood I did not see zebras and people were crossing the street (and now they do the same… including me :)) where they grab or often directly on diagonal of the intersection.

I remember sitting on the balcony I was  looking the intersection … all people crossing everywhere .

Now, I still marvel at the new zebras and signs.
Very funny right?

Dubai 2009

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