The dog

Remember when I told you about the dog from the balcony?

If you do not remember it happened like this:

We were returning home, when I saw a dog on a balcony. It was dark and I could not see very well. I showed VG. But when we both looked up to watch, what we saw was actually a man.

Until now, I thought I was wrong and I was greatly amused by the resemblance.

Now, after 2 weeks, I saw what the really truth is:

We were on the same street, returning from the market and as usual I was watching at the same balcony, but what I saw … wow … a real dog.

I saw the dog in daylight; I called… puppy puppy and then I whistled… seems to understand me.

I breathed a little easier … because I worried that I’m racist or something like that…

Ps. I hope soon to get my camera and show you dog from balcony.


Dubai 2009

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