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Step 1. Check the offers

I checked the tourism agency offers :

Dubai 7 days from 389 E+130 airport fees+80 visa fee= meaning FROM 610 E.

I calculated what would be the cost if I will go by myself in Dubai. I want to stay longer than 7 day so, I will count for 30 days:

Bus fromConstanta-Istanbul return

46.00 €

Flight tickets Istanbul-Dubai si return

278.00 €

Vizsa 30 days

57.00 €

Room for 2  (50 E for room)

750.00 €


1,131.00 €

Double for double.

Pasul 1. Verifica ofertele

Am aruncat o privire asupra ofertelor agentiilor de turism:

Dubai 7 zile de la 399euro+ 130 taxe+80 viza= adica DE LA 610 euro.

Am facut un calcul pentru ce m-ar costa daca merg in Dubai pe cont propriu.  Imi doresc sa stau mai mult de 7 zile  deci voi face un calcul pentru 30 de zile:

Autocar Constanta-Istanbul dus- intors

46.00 €

Avion Istanbul-Dubai si retur

278.00 €

Viza 30 zile

57.00 €

Cazare persoana
in camera dubla (50euro camera)

750.00 €


1,131.00 €

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