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Flag Hostel Roumania

The other day(2011) I was browsing for Constanta, Romania Hostels. I knew that it’s a hostel in  Piata Chiliei because I met last summer some backpackers looking for this hostel, never heared about: EOL 777.  I was in neighborhood for a dog show.

Piata Chiliei is a bad neighborhood not the worse but very close. It’s backed with gipsy.

The most dangerous neighborhood  is Zona Peninsulara- It ‘s an area with great tourist potential and a lot of night life but is full of gipsy and doubtful people and it’s very possible  at the end of the night to  find your car broke  if you forget something  in sight  or get hurt, rubbed or God know what if you walk behind the terraces. So, you better be careful in this area.

Let us return to our story about EOL 777.

I live in Constanta, Romania and I never visited this hostel. I never  have heard of it since 1 year ago when I met some guys asking for direction.  I help them with some information and told them to follow my car because when I met them, they were just asking some gipsy in the neighborhood about direction…bad mistake.

Tip!!!   Guys, Romanian are white people…. you should know this and make the difference because if you ask the wrong people for direction you might have problems later.

I didn’t find the street or the hostel but we were close anyway.

So, I began to dig a little to see what the deal with this hostel is. Is a gipsy house or what?

I found something, the website for this hostel. The site seems ok , there are a lot of pictures….. but caught my attention another website: http://www.constantahostel.com/history.

In the HOME section it’s a story about how the owner of EOL777 forced  Flag Hostel to close the door in Constanta. Something about some gipsy’s visiting and damaged the place. Then Flag hostel closed the doors.



Why we have closed

Sadly, the Flag Constanta Hostel has now closed down.

The Flag Hostel in Varna remains open www.varnahostel.com

Thankyou to everyone who came and enjoyed our Hostel. We enjoyed having fun and a laugh with

you all.

On the 31st August 2010, Ravzan, the owner of the EOL777 hostel in Constanta, came to visit our hostel.

He threathened us with Gypsies and the Mafia……

You can read it all at this adress: http://www.constantahostel.com/

The very next day 1st September 2010 at 4am in the morning –  a massive group of gypsies came to our building throwing bricks and stones.

They cut off our electricity line, smashed windows and started to vandalise our building.

We called the Police. They came but the gypsies all ran off.

I spoke to Ravzan the after the attack.

He claims he had nothing to do with it and yet he had threathened us the day before.

Draw your own conclusions !

It’s petty minded thinking and we cannot be bothered to operate in a City where people think like this.

So we have decided to close down and leave them to it.


Any backpackers who stay at the EOL777 hostel, do so at their own risk !

We would suggest that you go to Vama Veche instead. You will enjoy it more – www.vamaveche.ro

To get to Vama Veche, come out of the bus or train station at Constanta, turn right and walk around the corner.

You will then see white mini buses for Vama Veche direct or go to Mangalia and change, one stop to Vama Veche.

The main hostel in Vama Veche is www.punkrockhotel.com

If you cannot get in here, just turn up in Vama Veche.

Most people rent rooms in their houses. You can camp in peoples gardens and even on the beach for freeeee !

Go the Vama Veche – it’s like ‘woodstock on the beach’ – we promise you will love it !

Now visiting this site again I find another story yet more recent at the History section :

In 2011 we expanded and opened a second Hostel in Constanta, Romania……

You can read it all here: http://www.constantahostel.com/history

I thing the Flag Hostel opened again the doors for backpackers. It’s great news! I looked at the location of this hostel…. it’s in the heart of Constanta.  Yeah, it’s a great area for tourism, history, night life. The area is cool but you have to be very careful.

I am sorry to tell you and I am sorry that this is the reality the center of Constanta is full of gipsy. Better do not walk alone.

And a good news is that our mayor wants to move all the gipsy from the center in my neighborhood…. it’s a good news for tourists not for me:(

Maybe you want to visit also this area:)  in the future you will have the occasion to see all Constanta gipsy ‘s live happily and free of charges or other expenses in the middle of Constanta, near Mamaia Beach.

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