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Summer on the road- transalpina and transfagarasan again this year

9 January 2012 1 comment

 6 days camping on Transfagarasan and Transalpina.
Lovely trip : me, my husband and our dog Yety(It was her first log trip on the montains).
Constanta-Bucuresti-Pitesti-Curtea de Arges(383km)-Transfagarasan(91km) -Cartisoara-Sibiu- Valea Oltului- Brezoi(85 km)-Voineasa- Vidra- Obarsia Lotrului(76 km)- Transalpina-Ranca- Novaci(48 km)- Horezu(30km)- Baile Govora(22)-Pitesti(86)- Bucuresti- Constanta(348).1169 km plus other rides, total 1300km.
104 l fuel.
8% fuel consumption.
140 Euro cost+ other bridge fee 3 Euro, total 143 Euro.5 nights and 6 days.
Curtea de Argesi ( close to Poienari Castle) – camping 3 Euro fee
Cumpana(Vidraru Dam )-camping 3 Euro fee
Transfagarasan( Balea Lac)- camping in the montain -free
Cartisoara( at the end of Transfagarasan) – camping 3 Euro
Obarsia Lotrului (Transalpina)- camping free
total camping 10 EuroFuel and camping fee= 153 Euro

After a sudden brake on the highway and this trip that involved driving on roads with lots of curves through the mountains, back home had to change wheels because the car was making a strange noise machine. Front wheels were broken. 200 Euro

Total 353 Euro.

details with every location on this trip in the next post.


Follow me on Transfagarasan: Part 1 -What you can do in 6 days with a tent?

I am joking of course, you can do a lot of things, but now I will tell you what I could do this summer in a six day trip.
Destination: Transfagarasan, Romania
Route: Decided on the road
Period: Undecided at the beginning
Date: Summer 2010
Money spent: 400 euro
Travel mode: car
Number of persons: 2
The item specific to this trip : a summer tent with all necessary for camping
The plan was to spend as much as we can in the middle  of the nature.
The journey goal was to get on Transfagarasan.
Before leaving on this journey we have prepared very well because we  were  going to stay at least two weeks.
We wanted to stay at the hotel every two days, otherwise we wanted to stay in the tent.
Actually we only traveled 6 days, slept two night at the tent, one night in the car, one night at some houses and one at a villa.

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Departure: Constanta, 5 a.m.

Route: Constanta- Cernavoda- A2 Highway -Bucharest- A1 Highway- Pitesti
From Pitesti we had 2 choices:
-first to go to Curtea de Arges
-second to go to Valcea, Baile Govora, where we had been last year and we enjoyed it very much.
Because we departed on a Friday we took the second choice.  If we have taken the first one meaning Curtea de Arges, the next target would be Transfagarasan, which is a route very busy in weekend.