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Dubai Metro Opening 2010

Odata cu Burj Kalifa Grand Opening s-a deschis si Dubai Metro- red line, la inceput doar cu cateva statii printre care si Kalid Bin Al Weed de langa Burjuman Mall (unde am urcat) si Burj Kalifa (initial s-a numit Burj Dubai/Dubai Mall).
Aproape toata lumea care a mers sa vada marea deschidere Burj Kalifa a mers cu Metro.Am vrut sa simt pulsul si deci am mers si eu in acea seara tot cu Metro-ul. Big mistake! dar interesant.


Burj Kalifa 4th of January 2010

Un eveniment ce nu putea fi ratat. Am fost acolo la inaugurarea Burj Kalifa in Dubai.

Cand revad filmele si pozele din 2010 ma cuprinde o emotie ce nu o pot descrie.

Merita sa incep acest blog cu cea mai de senzatie amintire pe care o am din Dubai.

Initial s-a numit Burj Dubai, insa la inaugurare i s-a schimbat numele in Burj Kalifa. Kalifa este numele Emirului Abu Dhabi  care, se pare  a ajutat si ajuta foarte mult Dubai-ul sa nu cada prada crizei economice.

Am avut un view gen concert Madonna – pe care am vazut-o numai pe tv desii eram acolo. A fost aglomeratie mare. Turisti, localnici din intraga zona,  rezidenti si nerezidenti ai Emiratelor, toti erau acolo. Dar, atmosfera a fost una pe cinste.

The dog

Remember when I told you about the dog from the balcony?

If you do not remember it happened like this:

We were returning home, when I saw a dog on a balcony. It was dark and I could not see very well. I showed VG. But when we both looked up to watch, what we saw was actually a man.

Until now, I thought I was wrong and I was greatly amused by the resemblance.

Now, after 2 weeks, I saw what the really truth is:

We were on the same street, returning from the market and as usual I was watching at the same balcony, but what I saw … wow … a real dog.

I saw the dog in daylight; I called… puppy puppy and then I whistled… seems to understand me.

I breathed a little easier … because I worried that I’m racist or something like that…

Ps. I hope soon to get my camera and show you dog from balcony.


Dubai 2009

Pedestrian crossings in Dubai

The roads of Dubai are amazing as everything else here, I do not think I’m going to see roads, highways, subways, flyovers like this anywhere.

Take a look here!

There are traffic lights in all intersections in the city.

Nothing unusual.
There are traffic lights and pedestrian crossings, even if there are no intersections, as on Jumeira Road,where not too many pedestrians are crossing the street.

These are just like our traffic light in Holiday Village, you push the button (everything here goes on button -very easy to catch for anyone) and then you just wait for the Green color, but you know the buttons are working here:)

Half a year ago when I was in Dubai, in neighborhood I did not see zebras and people were crossing the street (and now they do the same… including me :)) where they grab or often directly on diagonal of the intersection.

I remember sitting on the balcony I was  looking the intersection … all people crossing everywhere .

Now, I still marvel at the new zebras and signs.
Very funny right?

Dubai 2009

My favorite priest

I think my favorite priest was on vacation …and now he is back to his job.

uh … how is it possible?

I returned to my old habit.

God, help me to get used to his voice, as soon as possible so, I don’t have to wake up every fucking morning to do nothing.

Prayer Timings

Click here and don’t be surprised, if you are new in the arab world, when you will wake up in the early morning and you will hear the prayer call 🙂

The first month was terrible.

You don’t know how it is to wake up every morning and don’t know what to do to sleep again…

I tried with ear helmets but were too large, with the plugs of the mp3 player but it hurt my ears.

I was not able to resist any more …especially when I looked at VG and he was sleeping so peacefully.

Over time, I noticed that though, I no longer awaked up every morning.

I have reached the conclusion that there are 2 “priests” who pray.

In my opinion one of them has talent and I like him praying … during the day …. but, just this one was awaking me up….

Now, I used with the morning call and I can say that finally I sleep peacefully, too.

Dubai 2009